When Someone Dies

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When Someone Dies

The loss of someone you love or care for can be a great shock even if their death was expected, and the emotional impact of losing someone takes most of us by surprise.


There is no way to take away the pain or hurt, but we will do everything to help you through the coming days, weeks and beyond by providing you with immediate information and choice, practical help and emotional support.


It is important that you have time to reflect and then decide how you wish the funeral to be arranged or organised.  A funeral can both celebrate and commemorate the life of your loved one and we will always allow you the time that you need and be there to help



Making Funeral Arrangements

Our personal, professional services to you commence when you first get in touch with us. Contact can be by either our 24 hour service telephone line which is available day or night, or by you visiting our funeral home personally.  Arrangements can also be made remotely if you prefer, with continued kindness, dignity and respect for your loved one.


When you first get in touch, we would ask you for a few details such as the name of the Person who has died and the location. We will ask for your name and contact phone number.  If appropriate and we have been instructed, we arrange to transfer the Person who has died safely into our care as soon as practically possible.


We would ordinarily then schedule an appointment to come and see us at Barringtons, to discuss the arrangements for the funeral and to provide more detailed information. In the event that this is not possible, all necessary arrangements can be made via telephone, email or even video call if you prefer and we promise to make this as simple and considerate as possible.


Visiting our Private Chapel of Rest

Relatives and friends often wish to say their goodbyes in our Private Chapel.

When appropriate, we advise you as soon as your loved one is ready for visiting and ask that you make an appointment. This is to assure complete peace and allow you the time you need.