Flowers and Floral Tributes


You may have a favourite flower in mind to include in a traditional casket spray or have a certain colour or theme that means something special to you. Unusual bespoke arrangements made from flowers can be arranged and everything is possible.


Please see below for ideas and to make yourself familiar with the more traditional choices.

  • Casket Sprays 

  • Single End Sprays 

  • Hearts 

  • Crosses

  • Bouquets & Baskets 

  • Names & Letters 

  • Pillows & Cushions 

  • Exotic Sprays 

  • Posy & Bows

  • Themed Tribute 

  • Tiny Tribute 

  • Wreaths


Our dedicated, professional florist can carefully design any floral tributes to help convey your feelings or to reflect the personality of the person you have lost.

Casket Sprays

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Caskets & Sprays 02.jpg
Caskets & Sprays 03.jpg
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Single End Sprays 

Single End Spray 01.jpg
Single End Spray 02.jpg
Single End Spray 03.jpg


Heart 01.jpg
Heart 02.jpg
Heart 03.jpg


Cross 01.jpg
Cross 02.jpg
Cross 03.jpg


Funeral Bouquet 01.jpg
Funeral Bouquet 02.jpg
Funeral Bouquet 03.jpg

Names and Letters

Names & Letters 01.jpg
Names & Letters 03.jpg
Names & Letters 02.jpg

Pillows and Cushions

Pillows & Cushions 01.jpg
Pillows & Cushions 02.jpg
Pillows & Cushions 03.jpg

Exotic Sprays

Exotic Spray 01.jpg
Exotic Spray 02.jpg
Exotic Spray 03.jpg

Posy and Bows

Posy & Bows 01.jpg
Posy & Bows 02.jpg
Posy & Bows 03.jpg

Themed Tributes

Themed Tributes 01.jpg
Themed Tributes 02.jpg
Themed Tributes 03.jpg

Tiny Tributes

Tiny Tribute 01.jpg
Tiny Tribute 02.jpg
Tiny Tribute 03.jpg
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Bunches and Baskets

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